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Call For Sponsors

Our Mission

As you know, Counselors of Color’s mission is to destigmatize mental illness, create a profound directory of mental health professionals of color, provide education on mental illnesses and their risk factors, and make mental health services affordable to all.

This is all made possible by altruistic donors

This is all made possible by altruistic donors and individuals who believe in us and our mission. However, due to the effects of the ongoing pandemic, acquiring funds has been arduous. We are actively leaning on our community for support in these inopportune moments.

We Give Thanks to Our Supporters

In return, here are some ways Counselors of Color gives thanks to our supporters.

Ability to Guest Blog

Post a blog about you, your company, or an area of expertise- we will edit and publish it for you, if need be!

Ability to speak at our events or recieve acknowledgement

Scholarship named after you

"2023, John B. Watson Scholarship" or "Herman George Canady Scholarship by Counselors of Color"

Enlarged logo or picture on email blasts

Scholarship Sponsorship

Counselors of Color offers $2,000 scholarships on a biannual basis. This sponsorship gives 3 hard- working graduate students the ability to pay for classes, books, internship or practicum fees, and/or required course materials.

Health Services Sponsorship

Counselors of Color works hard to provide low cost mental health services, via our directory, to individuals facing impecuniousity. This sponsorship will cover 1 individual for an entire year of counseling, or medical services via our 9-session program. However, please note that Counselors of Color only covers in-office services and not medical prescriptions.

Operations Sponsorship

In order for us to make our mission come true, we must be able to cover basic operational costs. This sponsorship will go towards product manufacturing, website maintenance, web hosting costs, cyber insurance, and marketing tools.  $45,000

PRIDE Sponsorship

The LGBTQ+ community is known to be one of the many marginalized communities in the United States. Following the attack on PULSE Nightclub in 2016, Counselors of Color shares the same home as this renowned memorial ground; Orlando, Florida. Due to outstanding suicide rates and lack of acceptance, Counselors of Color created a national support group to help queer individuals who are struggling with their mental health and loneliness. This support group will help build a community within communities. We aim to recruit 2 mental health professionals per county, in the U.S., and serve 10 individuals per support group.

Sponsorships may be national or per state. To find out a state’s sponsorship amount, and how many individuals in crisis you will be helping, please contact us!

National Sponsorship $ 18,036,000/yr

Florida Sponsorship $402,000/yr

(Sponsors who are specifically interested in sponsoring Orange County, FL $6,000/yr)

New York Sponsorship $342,000/yr

Event Sponsorship

Counselors of Color helps raise awareness through events such as: Marathons, Conferences, Dinners, and much more. Your generosity may assist with: event tickets, technology items, catering, promotional products, venue, etc. Event sponsorship costs will be released closer to event days. For updates, enter your email below or check out any of our social media pages!