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Kaya Hazard Daley, LCSW

Kaya Hazard Daley, LCSW


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I’m a passionate psychotherapist with years of experience working with adults around the world and all over the continental US. I have several years of experience working as a behavioral health provider in military settings and non-military settings as well. My practice is centered around working with individuals who have felt underserved, underrepresented and unheard with a particular focus on service to people of color and individuals who identify as African descent.

I take a psychodynamic approach to therapy. I endeavor to understand your whole life and the different experiences beginning early on and through out the life span, that have had the biggest impact on shaping you in to who you are today.

Feeling that they are being heard, respected, and safe to be their authentic selves. I seek to truly work towards understanding all of my clients and help them to facilitate the changes that they desire to make, through our therapeutic relationship.


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